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Breakdown Minimization

Scheduled maintenance all vehicles need every so often:

Preventitive Check-ups

Oil Changes

Fluid Flush

Wheel Alignment & Balancing

Filter Changes

Radiator & Engine Cooling


Vehicle Inspection and Tune Up

Complimentary complete vehicle inspections with ALC:

Maintenance Tune-ups

Vehicle Condition Report

Tire Rotations

Exhaust & Muffler


Fuel Systems

Worry-Free Repairs and Replacements

We repair all makes and models on your first visit:

Brakes & Braking Systems





Drive Trains

Advanced Diagnostics

Comprehensive engine and electric diagnostics:

Electrical Diagnostics

Emmissions Tests

Dashboard Light Diagnostics

Engine Diagnostics

Road Testing

Heating & AC

Hear a Noise? Rumbling Feeling?

Diagnose By Symptom

Personalized Maintenance

Every vehicle is different in the repairs, parts, and inspection required to maximize safety.

ALC Automotive mechanics are trusted experts in your vehicle.


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Cutting Edge Facility

6,500 sq ft of high quality maintenance and repair technology. And we’re affordable.

We encourage our friends to walk right in the shop and feel at home.

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Full Vehicle Inspection on Every Service

Why fix your brakes one day when you’ll need engine repair another?

Certified Master Technician “Honest Andrew” Cormier

will personally do a complete inspection

to say thanks for your business

I am very happy with the service, quality of work and pricing at ALC. They are honest and fair in terms of work that needs to be completed, and they explain everything to you. I would highly recommend!


Andrew at ALC is  the best mechanic in Oakville.

We’ll convince you in 100 words.

Andrew and his mechanics are amazing! I walked in there for the first time and felt like I had known Andrew forever. He is such a nice guy, all of them are actually, and they have fantastic customer service, which is super important for a automotive company as you never want to take your car somewhere and doubt the quality of the repairs being done. They provide rides to work while your car is in the shop, they keep you updated with repairs and they provide rentals if needed (I’ve learned some places don’t do this)

Andrew and his guys took great care of my car, I will certainly be going to ALC automotive to get my car fixed in the future and I will be recommending his buisiness to anyone looking for a mechanic to go to.


"Honest Andrew" Cormier

Owner & Lead Mechanic

Andrew will help you diagnose any repair or maintenance requirements. He should get back to you within a few hours, or you can call ALC Automotive at 905-377-7997.

For the best experience, please include:

  • Vehicle Model & license plate number
  • Issues you are having
  • Your preferred appointment time
  • If you require our shuttle service

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