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ALC Automotive is a full service vehicle repair and maintenance facility for all vehicles.

Diagnose By Symptom

Dashboard light? Strange noises? Leaking fluid? We’ll help you figure out what you need.

Diagnose By Call

Talk to Andrew and get your answer. Direct line to ALC: (905) 337-7997

"Honest Andrew" Cormier

Owner & Lead Mechanic

Andrew will help you diagnose any repair or maintenance requirements. He’ll respond as soon as he can, or you can call ALC Automotive at 905-377-7997.

For the best experience, please include:

  • Vehicle Model & license plate number
  • Issues you are having
  • Your preferred appointment time
  • If you require our shuttle service

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Noises? Leaks? Rumbling? Oh My!

Go to a mechanic’s website and you’ll be swamped by fluid flushes and filter changes. What does any of that mean?

That’s all helpful if you’re a mechanic, but it doesn’t tell you what’s wrong with your car and what you need.

So we built the first ever artificially intelligent online car repair finder: The 5 Minute Mechanic!

5 Minute Mechanic will diagnose your car onine in 5 minutes. Quick, easy, and free!

You should know that the service you get is the service you need!

Service Coming Soon!